3 – 4 Weeks Prior to Your Move

Call Move Eaze to schedule a walk-through. Our MoveEaze Stars will guide you through the entire moving process. Then you can start getting your packing supplies! This includes boxes, packing paper, tape and markers. By the way, we make this Eazy for you at our Moving Supplies page!

Don’t forget to look in closets, attics, basements and garages for stored items. As you do this, if you find items that you no longer want, we can donate them or dispose of them for you. Begin packing these non-essential items first! Establishing a labeling system or even a color-coded system for each room with a master list of your inventory will save tremendous time and stress while unpacking. 

IMPORTANT: Try to use smaller boxes when packing books as these boxes can get very heavy!

1 – 2 Weeks Prior to Your Move

You should have most of your non-essentials all packed up by now but if you don’t, put your mind at Eaze! Our MoveEaze Stars are trained to pack as well, so contact us today and we will schedule our Packing Service for you. 

Fill out a Change Of Address Card so you won’t lose any mail during your transition. Talk with any company that you do business with or provide a service at your home and schedule a change of address with each of them. If needed, make arrangements for child or pet care. Lastly, schedule your utilities to be shut off at your old space and turned on at your new space. 

IMPORTANT: Keep all of your essential items in a designated area so they do not get packed!

One Day Before Your Move

Use Zip-lock bags for refrigerated and frozen items for safe keeping while traveling in ice chests while moving. If you are disassembling bed frames and dresser mirrors, use zip-lock bags to keep all of the hardware. You can tape them to the back of the dresser or headboard. In your “Do Not Pack” designated area, keep a box for all of the little last minute surprises that you find.

Moving Day

Make sure you have ice for your ice chest to keep all of your perishable items. Double check all cabinets, drawers, closets, basement, attic and garage. Double check outside for hoses and lawn tools. Also, make sure that you show your MoveEaze Stars the layout of your new home so they know where you would like them to place all of your valuables.

After Your Move

Verify that your new mailing address has been handled properly by the Post Office.  Provide feedback during your follow-up call from Move Eaze Customer Service about the level of service you received from your MoveEaze Stars!

Enjoy your new home and if you'd like, Leave Us A Review!