• Elizabeth Kenney

3 Downsizing Tips To The Rescue

Whether your kids have moved out and you no longer need all of the space in your current home, or you simply want less home care hassle in your life, downsizing takes preparation.

Here are three tips from HGTV to help simplify your process of downsizing:


#1 Figure Out The Ideal Size.

Before you begin the downsizing process, it’s important to know what kind of space you will be downsizing to. This will allow you to more easily determine which of your things will stay and which of them will go.

Creating a plan of action, based on these lifestyle needs will greatly aid you throughout the process, especially as you begin to pitch various items.

#2 Reduce, Reduce, and Repeat.

Once you have determined the size of home that best suits your new lifestyle needs, the key is to reduce, reduce, and reduce some more. Remember, this is the beauty of downsizing – less stuff.

So, whether you choose to sell, store, or simply get rid of your unneeded stuff, this is a must and should be done with care, based on the lifestyle needs that you have previously mapped out. (And, we can help with your junk removal and storage needs!)

#3 Maximize Your Minimalism.

Now that your living space is smaller, your furniture and storage space should reflect this. However, in order to maximize the space that you do have, choose furniture that serves multipurpose functions. Also, do not skimp on quality of your furniture. Think: Less is more AND quality of quantity.

For example, you might choose ottomans that double as a storage space within, as well as versatile furniture fabrics.

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