• Elizabeth Kenney

3 Easy Entertainment Ideas During A Move

During a move, many times our “stuff” is packed away for at least some period of time and we need it to stay that way.

Especially for the times when there a lack of “stuff” around, check out these three easy and fun ways to keep you and your family entertained during a move:

#1 Play a game that does not require many pieces.

There is nothing like a family game night (or day!). Here some games from Money Crashers that do not require many (or in some cases any) pieces:

- Charades

- Pictionary

- Would You Rather

- Card games: The options with card games are abundant. To name a few, you could try your hand at Spoons, Egyptian War, Spades, Solitaire, and more.

#2 Read that book you have had your eye on.

It can be helpful to keep a book or two handy during your move.

If you have a Nook or some other electronic reading device, you can have even more titles at your disposable during your move– Just make sure to also keep handy and keep track of your reading device’s charger throughout your move.

#3 Sit and stay awhile for a chat with your friends or family members.

Whether you are recalling old memories, discussing current topics, or sharing about dreams for the future, do not underestimate the entertainment and delight that can come from a good, old-fashioned conversation with friends and family.

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