• Elizabeth Kenney

3 Easy Halloween Games To Play During Your Move

Don't let your move stop you and your kids from participating in Halloween festivities this year. Here are a few simple, festive, and possibly even spooky ways to celebrate the holiday:

#1 Pin the Spider on the Web

This game is a Halloween twist on "Pin the Tail on the Donkey" and so, if you have ever played the original version, you know this game requires very few pieces, takes up a small amount of physical space, and can be enjoyed in a group setting.

To setup this game, simply place a large printed out image of a web on a door or wall. We recommend using painter's tape to attach the paper to the wall or door.

Then, you will need a blindfold (a bandana works just fine) and a paper or plastic spider. Be sure your paper or plastic spider have painter's tape or some other sticky mechanism on the it's underside.

The goal of the game is to place the spider at or as close to the center of the web as possible. The catch is that each contestant must do so while blindfolded.

#2 Halloween-Themed Charades.

Who doesn't love a good game of charades? It's universal, and most importantly for the sake of your move, simple to create and play.

To make a Halloween-themed charades game, make all card topics Halloween-related. You can be as broad (like "witch" or "candy corn") or as specific (such as "Hocus Pocus" or "The Nightmare Before Christmas") with your topics as you would like.

#3 Minute-To-Win-It Games with Candy Corn

Candy corn is a Halloween staple. Ever thought about using this classic candy for minute-to--win-it competitions? The game options are plentiful with this prop.

For example, the object of your game could be "how tall can you make your candy corn tower in 60 seconds?" or "how many pieces of candy corn can your transfer into a bowl using chopsticks in just 45 second?"

(Source: https://www.goodhousekeeping.com/holidays/halloween-ideas/g2618/halloween-games/?slide=17)

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