• Elizabeth Kenney

3 Hacks For Your Next Move

Check out these mind-blowing packing hacks (from Updater) that will make packing, moving, and unpacking a snap:

Speaking Of Snap…

Take a picture of the backside of your TV and other electronics that require numerous cords or other inputs. Once you arrive in your new home and begin to set up your TV, you will know exactly where each cord should go.

As For The Cords…

You might wrap these inside paper towel rolls to ensure the cords remain untangled. Doing so also provides space to label each one.

Labels Aren’t The Only Way To Organize.

For some of your boxes and items, you might find that using colored tape to identify each box is more efficient and just as helpful. Choosing a tape color for each room and applying this tape to the boxes may be the exact organization that your move requires.

Secure Toiletries.

No one wants liquids oozing out of their boxes. To prevent leaking toiletry bottles, use a piece of plastic wrap over the bottle opening and then snugly screw the cap over this piece of plastic wrap.

No Handles? No Problem.

If your cardboard boxes do not come with pre-cut handles, you can easily create these yourself. Simply use a box-cutter to make handles on the sides of your boxes that will require them.

Rubberband To The Rescue.

If you are trying to remove nails from the walls for packing, you’ll find that having a rubberband on hand can keep the walls in tact.

That’s right—wrap the rubberband around the hammer. Doing so, will prevent you from marking or denting the walls while removing nails from the wall.

How About Some Ice For That Carpet?

Once the furniture is out of the house and on the moving truck, you may see that these items have left behind indents in the carpet. Ice to the rescue. That’s right an ice cube!

Put ice cubes on the indent. Once these melt, use a spoon to lift the carpet fibers back to their former glory.

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