• Elizabeth Kenney

3 Systems For The Small Stuff

Jewelry, chargers, documents/ID cards, tools/parts, eye glasses, medicine, etc.— What do all of these items have in common? They tend to come in small sizes.

Sometimes, purely because of their size, these small items are prone to getting lost in the shuffle.

Here are three systems that can help prevent the loss or misplacement of your small items during a move:

Make a list.

Create a list of all of your small items and the corresponding location where each item has been packed.

Organize boxes or containers according to room.

Keeping all items, especially those small items, from the same room in the same boxes or containers can go a long way to help you keep track of them.

Label everything.

Now that your boxes are organized by room, label all boxes and containers accordingly.

You might even find it helpful to be very specific with your label, so that not only do you label your box with the name of the room, but also an identifier of the kinds of items inside.

For example, you might label a box “Kitchen” and also “Silverware” so that you know exactly what is inside the box when you reach your new home.

During a move, the Move Eaze team sweats the small stuff, so that you don’t have to! Give us a call today for all of your moving needs.

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