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3 Things To Remember When Packing And Moving Electronics

Whether you are moving offices or homes, you probably have a handful of gadgets and electronics to take with you.


Check out these helpful hacks and tips from Moving.com and Updater.com for the next time you move electronics to your new home or office.

Organization Is Key

With any move, having a good plan and the proper materials, will go a long way. For packing, handling, unpacking, and really any aspect of your move, creating an inventory list of your electronics.

Make no mistake – though we can sometimes forget, electronics are typically fragile with a variety of small pieces. So, it is necessary to secure these items with proper packaging.

If you plan to forgo professional packing services and tackle the packing process on your own, in addition to boxes, add materials such as tape, bubble wrap (or other padded packaging devices), and color stickers (for identifying your boxes) to your list.

Not sure how many boxes, you will need? Stay ahead of the game and use our Moving Box Estimator to determine just how many boxes you will need for your items (electronic and otherwise).

If you saved the original packaging for your electronics, now is the time to haul these out. In addition to helping to organize your move, this is an excellent way to prevent damage. 

In terms of packaging organization, think about what will work best for you once you unpack. Perhaps you package your electronics according to room, or especially if you are moving offices, you might package according to the type of electronics (i.e. all laptops stored together, etc).

Opening up a box to find a large tangle of unidentified cords, all of the same color, might raise your stress level just a little bit. So, packing the electronic devices with their corresponding chargers can save a great deal of hassle. Also, try neatly wrapping each of your chargers before packaging– You might use a twist tie for this.

The same goes for remotes, USB devices, and all other electronic accessories – Keep these items packed with their related devices.

Check The Manual

Maybe you are in a rush, maybe you think you know better than the instruction manual, or maybe there’s some other reason – Whatever it is, broken or lost electronics are not worth the risk of disregarding outlined procedure.

If you saved the instruction manual for your electronics, reference these for instructions on how to turn-off, disassemble, and package your electronics. If the manual is not available, check out the company’s website. Oftentimes companies will publish general care instructions for their various products.


Backup Plans. Yes, They’re Worth The Time

No matter how much we each plan, sometimes the unexpected occurs. During these instances, a backup plan can come in clutch to save the day.

When it comes to electronics, this includes backing-up your files and photos. Saving files to a USB storage device, the iCloud, emailing yourself a copy, or perhaps even paper copies will ensure that your content will not be lost in case something goes wrong.

Also, Try Some Of These Hacks For Handling & Packaging With Care

Wrap electronics with linen or clean paper to prevent dust and damage. Enhance protection of your devices with additional padding (such as moving pads, sheets, or light blankets). If you are storing your items in a unit (either temporarily of for the long-term), store valuable items out of view, perhaps behind other items.

This could help to minimize risk of theft. To prevent damage, know what temperature your various devices need to be stored in and be sure that your new space or storage unit accommodates for this need.

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