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3 Tips For A Sweet Summertime Move

Summertime can be an excellent time to move. School is out of session. Work schedules are often more flexible. The rain, snow, and sleet have passed.


Nevertheless, if you are moving during the summer, check out these three tips from Unpakt to help you achieve a smooth move.

#1 Beat The Heat

Consider the time of the day you schedule your move. It can be helpful to schedule your packing and moving truck in the early morning to avoid the hottest periods of the day.

Regardless of the time of the day (and especially during the hottest times of the day), be sure you are prepared and consistent with your water intake. Take regular breaks to drink water and cool-off, especially while accomplishing any vigorous tasks.

Also, avoid wearing heavy clothing. However, for safety, do not wear flip-flops or other sandals. Despite the heat, choose closed-toe, supportive sneakers instead.

#2 Know Your Stuff & Their Limits

In addition to keeping yourself cool, hydrated, and healthy, be conscious of any temperature-sensitive items you have in your possession. If you do not know, consult the items’ manuals to learn if there are any temperature concerns that you should plan for.

Take inventory of which of your items are temperature-sensitive and keep track of these items throughout the move. In addition to inside their boxes and on the moving truck, these temperature-sensitive items also need to be attended to if you plan to place them in a short-term or long-term storage unit.

#3 Check The Calendar

Scheduling your move during a non-holiday weekend or non-event week may provide you with more options for the exact day and time of your move.   

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