• Elizabeth Kenney

3 Ways To Stay In The Zone During Your Move

Sometimes the many tasks and details involved in a move can seem overwhelming. As such, it's easy to lose focus and become distracted by one item or another.

Check out these 3 ways that can help you maintain focus during your move and, ultimately, help you reach your end goal:

#1 Set short-term goals.

While you certainly have an overarching end goal (i.e. to move all of your stuff from their places in your old home to their new places in your new home), there are many short-term goals in between.

So, use this to your advantage and set short-term goals. For example, on Monday, you might decide to have all of your items in the bedrooms packed. And then on Tuesday, you might decide to have all of your items in the study and living room packed away.

Whatever you decide for your short-term goals, be sure these goals align with you overarching timeline and are manageable for you to be able to accomplish.

As you begin to check off your short-term goals, your focus and motivation are sure to stay strong.

#2 Take breaks.

It may be tempting to try and tackle everything all at once. There are very few times where this approach is actually effective. Rather, this approach can easily make a person feel burned out and unmotivated.

Therefore, we recommended scheduling and taking breaks every once and awhile. Take time to do an activity that will help you keep your motivation and focus. Exercise, a game night with the family, or a coffee break at a local cafe are three great options.

#3 Many experienced hands make light work.

What's a guaranteed way to ensure you stay focused and motivated during a move? Leave the work to experienced professionals. Doing so will guarantee an easy, efficient, and effective move.

Need help with your move? Give the Move Eaze team a call today!

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