• Elizabeth Kenney

3 Ways Your Kids Can Help During Your Move

Keeping your kids entertained during a move can be challenging. But, what’s a better way to keep your kids entertained than to get them involved in the move? Here are three easy ways to get your kids involved in the move:

#1 Choose items to donate.

Before the packing process, ask your kids to look through their closets and drawers to choose a certain number of items to donate. These items could be clothes that no longer fit, toys that your child no longer uses, or perhaps broken items.

#2 Pack the soft toys.

Whether it be for safety reasons, to avoid breaking items, or to ensure efficiently packed boxes, you might not want your young kids to pack up their entire room. However, giving your kids the task of boxing up their soft toys and other soft items might be just the right level of responsibility.

#3 Allow your kids to choose the décor in their new bedrooms.

Wallpaper, paint, a new bedspread, or something else – Give your kids the opportunity to make their new room their own by choosing some or all of the décor. Not only might these plans help occupy them during a move, but it also may help to ease any feelings of discomfort or fear your kids may have related to the move.

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