• Elizabeth Kenney

4 New Year Resolutions That Will Help Your Future Move

As the 2021 year kicks off, whether you are planning to move, considering a move, and even if you are planning to stay exactly where you are at, here are four new year resolutions that can help you prepare for any future address change:

#1 Take Inventory of your stuff.

Make a mental (or physical) note of the items in your home. Doing so will make the next few resolutions much easier.

#2 Declutter your closets.

Start to rid yourself of unnecessary stuff. It can be helpful to tackle one closet, one drawer, one room, or one area of the home at a time.

#3 Consider your organizational system.

How did your organizational system go last year? What worked? And what did not work?

Taking time to ask yourself these questions and then making changes as to what systems to keep and what systems to leave behind can significantly improve your organizational system in this new year.

#4 Be mindful of additions to your collection.

While you will likely acquire new items for your home throughout the 2021, be mindful of the items that you add to your home.

Staying mindful about the items that you collect will go a long way to avoid cluttering your home with unnecessary stuff throughout this new year.

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