• Elizabeth Kenney

4 Packing Hacks For Your Closet

While the following tips from MarieClaire are helpful for suitcase travel, these hacks can also come in handy during a move. Check out these four packing hacks that will help you to maximize your space and minimize your stress:

#1 Aim for rolled, not folded.

Clothes like t-shirts, jeans, sweatshirts, and more that are not prone to wrinkling can easily be rolled, as opposed to folded. This will help conserve space in your boxes, bins, and bags.

#2 Turn your lights inside-out.

For your white and light-colored clothes, you might try turning these items inside-out before packing. This will further protect them from any dirt or debris along your move.

#3 Try some shower caps for your shoes.

Not using separate shoe boxes? Use plastic shower caps to cover the bottoms of your shoes. This will allow you to pack your shoes alongside your clothes and other items, without risking that these other items will be touched by any grime from the bottom of your shoes.

#4 Keep your items smelling fresh along the way.

Place a dryer sheet or two at the bottom of each of your boxes to keep your clothes smelling fresh as they travel to your new closet.

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