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4 Pre-Move Decisions To Remember

Determining these items before your move can provide essential organization for the entirety of the process. Keep these decisions in mind as you prepare for your next move.


When Is The Big Day?

This may seem intuitive, but establishing what day your move will occur is key. Several factors (including but not limited to: the closing agreement of your current home, school or work schedules, familial or personal activities, etc.) will help you to decide the best day for your move.

Once you’ve selected your moving day, you can then move forward to schedule any other necessary items, such as: the moving truck, junk removal services, cleaning services, cable and internet setup, painters or construction teams, etc.

What Items Stay & What Items Go?

Moving homes can be an excellent opportunity (perhaps even require you) to get rid of items that you no longer need. Important questions to ask yourself include: “When is the last time I used this item?” and “Do I foresee this item being used in the new home?” Doing so can help you determine which items will be moved to your new home and which items will not.

Will I Need To Rent Temporary Or Long Term Storage Space?

Now that you have determined what items will go with you to your new home and what items you plan to get rid of, determine your storage needs.

Depending on the closing date of your current home and the closing date of your new home, you may find you and your stuff between homes for a period of time. Or, you may find yourself in need of long-term storage. For instance, perhaps you are downsizing to a one-car garage, so you might need to store dirt bikes in a long-term storage unit.

Either way, don’t worry—MoveEaze has you covered. We offer storage services.

How Will Boxes Be Labeled? 

Most often, people choose to label boxes according to where they will go in their new home. This can be helpful both when packing and unpacking.


It can be especially useful to establish where the items in your home will go in your new home and allow this plan to guide your packing. For example, although your current living rooms may hold both your collections of DVDs and books, you may decide that, in your new home, your book collection will go in the library, while the DVD’s will be housed in the basement. Pack and label boxes accordingly.

If you have the items of multiple family members to consider, you may choose to pack per person (“Jane’s bedroom” or “Tom’s toys”), or you may choose to pack categorically (such as “kids toys” or “sports gear”). Of course, you might decide on a combination of these two approaches based on the item or collection.

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