• Elizabeth Kenney

4 Questions to Consider When Scheduling Your Move

As you begin to plan your move, you may have developed a number of questions. Rather than let these questions overwhelm you, focus in on certain questions in particular and allow these questions (and their answers) to guide your move.

Here are 4 questions to focus in on, as these questions may be able to help you schedule your move:

#1 When do the new owners take ownership? When do you need to be out of your previous home?

Although it may seem obvious, it’s vital to plan out this aspect of the move. This will likely be the starting point for your schedule.

#2 When are you able to move into your new home?

Is there any gap time between when you must leave your old house and when you can move into your new home? Be sure to work out these details, so that you can make arrangements, especially if there is any gap time between the two homes.

#3 How long will you need for packing?

Depending on how many and what kind of items you are packing, these factors will impact how long packing will take.

Consider if you plan to have any of your items transported for junk removal or into a storage unit. (Pro Tip: The Move Eave team can assist you with both of these services.)

#4 How will you transport your stuff from house 1 to house 2?

Are you moving across the street? Across town? Or across the country? The distance, as well as what items are inside, will certainly impact how your stuff will be moved from your old house to your new house.

The Move Eaze Team can take care of the logistics of your move. Give us a call today!

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