• Elizabeth Kenney

4 Random Items To Keep On Hand During A Move

You've got boxes, a moving truck, dollies, and all of the other "big" items ready to go. But what about those small (perhaps seemingly random) items that can actually assist the moving process? Here are 4 small items that can go a long way during the moving process:

#1 Ziplock Bags

These flexible, waterproof, and clear-through containers can be helpful in numerous scenarios during a move.

For example, when disassembling a bed or other furniture, store nuts, bolts, and other small pieces in a ziplock bag. Or, use ziplock bags to carry food that may need to be refrigerated or placed on ice during transport. Or, store electronic cords and small gadgets in ziplock bags, so that none of the tiny pieces become separated from their correlating devices.

#2 Door Stoppers

While you and/or your team are moving boxes, furniture, etc. out of your old home and into your new home, door stoppers can come in handy. Not only does this item make your move faster, it also provides a safety precaution and can minimize injury risk while carrying items from room to room.

#3 Pen & Paper

The need to record a phone number, name, address, instructions, or something else on moving day happens. To prepare for these moments, keep a pen and paper with you -- portable and purposeful.

#4 Snacks & Water

Keep yourself hydrated and fueled for moving day. Power bars and nuts are just two examples of on-the-go foods that can help you stay ready to tackle the tasks of moving day all day long.

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