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4 Tips For Packing Breakables

Careful with the crystal! Afraid your fragile valuables won’t make it to their new destination all in one piece? We have you covered.


The UPS Store website also provides some helpful ideas and diagrams. To ensure that your fragile items make a safe and sound trip, check out these four tips.

Leave Little To No Room For Movement

Packaging your items firmly, so that little to no shifting occurs within the box, is key. In addition to tightly cushioning the item directly (use at least 3 layers of bubble wrap per item), you will also want to secure the space within the entire box. Packing peanuts can work well for this.

Outline Your Edges 

As mentioned above, you will want to be sure that your items are supported with cushioning. To start, add at least a two-inch layer of cushion at the bottom of your box. Packing peanuts or something similar should provide your box with sturdy cushioning. Once you have placed your wrapped item in the box, you should also apply similar layers to the sides of the boxes. And, don’t forget to use an appropriately secure lid for the top of your box.


Items Of Five Pounds Or Greater Should Be Packaged Alone 

You will still want to wrap the item with the appropriate amount of bubble wrap. However, these heavier items should be packaged inside individual boxes. In fact, if your item is over ten pounds, you may want each of these items to be double-boxed, with packaging material to fill the space between the two boxes.

Avoid The Hassle And Give Us A Call

Our team is trained to handle, package, and transport your most fragile items. 

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