• Elizabeth Kenney

4 Tips to Help You Help Your Employees During A Move

No matter the size of your company, moving office locations involves a number of logistics. In order to complete an efficient and effective move, it’s important to know what details and to whom these details should be communicated, as well as how these details are best communicated.

Here are 4 tips from The Spruce to ensure that both you and your employees enjoy the moving process:

#1 Make a clear plan and clearly communicate.

Organization is key. The logistics involved in moving can seem overwhelming, especially amidst other project deadlines. Therefore, be clear on the move’s timeline.

#2 Appoint a point-person (or point-people).

Be sure that your employees know who can answer their questions before and during the process. Though planning and organization can minimize questions, rarely will this eliminate questions altogether.

If you have a team that consists of multiple departments, you might consider assigning a point-person per department. But, be aware of your team’s size when making this determination. Depending on the circumstance, too many cooks in the kitchen (so to speak) can sometimes lead to more confusion.

#3 However, many hands do tend to make light work.

Depending on the size and scope of your team and move, it can be helpful to assign appropriate tasks to your employees.

#4 Help your employees feel at home in the new space.

Whether you choose to gift each employee with a box of chocolates or perhaps a team lunch, celebrate this move. Use this move as a way to strengthen the bond among team members, so that together your team can achieve success in this new space.

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