• Elizabeth Kenney

4 Ways To Involve Your Kids In The Move

If your family is preparing for a move, contrary to what you might be tempted to think, there are some simple ways to get your kids involved in the move.

By doing so, you can help your kids take ownership in and get excited

about your family’s upcoming move.

Check out these ideas from The Washington Post and depending on the ages of your children, determine whether or not the following might be suitable:

#1 Packing

Ask your kids to pack certain, non-breakable items around your home. Be specific on what items you would like them to pack and what boxes you would like the items packed inside.

Before you set your kids off on their packing task, be sure that the boxes are pre-marked. And, remember, keep the packing list contained and manageable, both for your kids and for yourself.

#2 Surprises Along The Way

Whether it’s additional playtime or a new toy, offering your kids a surprise or two during the moving process can boost their motivation and excitement for the move.

#3 New, New, New

One way to help your kids take ownership in the move is to provide them with chances to make decisions about their new home.

Now, while we do not suggest allowing your kids to choose the paint color of your home's exterior, you could allow them to choose the paint colors of their new rooms.

Or, you could have your kids choose a couple of new stuffed animals. Or, maybe you could let your kids pick out new bikes to ride around their new neighborhood.

However small, letting your kids make decisions regarding their new home may go a long way in making them feel at home.

#4 Stay In Tuned

Moving can be difficult on a person’s emotions (both for kids and adults). So, give your kids (and yourself for that matter) time and space to process.

And, show your kids that even though you all are moving homes, your family unit has stayed the same.

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