• Elizabeth Kenney

5 Items to Buy and Ship Directly to Your New Home

Want some new furnishings to go with that new home? Buying certain items in-store or online and having these items delivered directly to your new home can make for a streamlined move.

Here are a few items you might considering buying new and shipping to your new home:

#1 Furniture

Maybe it’s living room couch, a dining room table, or a master bedroom set—whatever furniture you are in the market for consider having the store ship it directly to your new address.

#2 Appliances

Want a new oven, refrigerator, microwave, washing machine, or dishwasher? Be sure you plan ahead and have your shiny, new appliances installed before your move.

#3 Technology and Gadgets

Flatscreens, laptops or desktops, printers, and gaming units are just a few items that you might be in the market for anyway. (Think of it as a housewarming gift for yourself!)

#4 Storage Units

Ahead of your move, make sure to schedule construction or installation appointments for any storage units in your new home. These units might include closet fixtures, bookcases, walk-in pantry shelving, etc.

Also, if you need assistance donating, junking, or otherwise transporting the items you will not be taking with you to your new home, MoveEaze has your covered in this area too!

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