• Elizabeth Kenney

5 New Year Resolutions For Your Home

Moving or considering a move in 2020? Here are 5 new year resolutions that will help to simplify your upcoming move:

#1 Kick out the clutter in your kitchen cupboards.

The kitchen is oftentimes one of busiest, if not the busiest, rooms in a home. For this reason, it can be difficult to avoid kitchen clutter, especially in the cabinets.

But, especially if you expect or plan to move sometime in the near future, clearing away clutter from the cupboards can help to simplify the moving process.

Get rid of the cabinet items that you will not use, re-stock the staple items (such as flour, sugar, salt, pepper, etc.) if needed, and clean up any outlying crumbs or debris.

#2 Avoid doubling up on supplies.

If you plan to move in the next year, it is a good idea to pay close attention to your inventory on toiletries, cleaning products, and other household items. Furthermore, avoid buying double of these items.

To assist you with this inventory check, you may even want to keep an evolving list, so you know what items you have and what items you need until the move occurs.

#3 Create a system for paperwork.

There is nothing like loose or misplaced files and documents around the home to complicate a move. Whether you are trying to locate a document or simply trying pack up paperwork ahead of a move, these issues can be avoided.

Organization is key and does not need to be complex. Decide what organization method works for you and your lifestyle… and stick to it!

#4 Purge the unnecessary stuff.

If you are planning for a move this year, it’s a good idea to start getting rid of items you do not need. We recommend doing so in an organized fashion.

Simply purge room-by-room, closet-by-closet, corner-by-corner, etc.

Once you have parsed out the items you are donating, recycling, or trashing, call our team—We offer junk removal services.

#5 Give your home a safety check.

The new year is an excellent time to perform an overall safety check on your home.

Here are some areas to check:

- Batteries and overall health of smoke and gas detectors

- Unwanted debris in the dryer vent

- Signs of improper ventilation throughout your home

- Alarms on the doors or windows

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