• Elizabeth Kenney

5 Ways To Deck The Halls Before Your Move

Want to decorate your home for the holiday season, but don't want much clean-up or clutter? If you are planning to move in the next month, but still want to enjoy the holiday season, we have you covered. Check out the following easy, hassle-free holiday home decor:

#1 Platter Arrangements

Got a decorative platter? Use this platter to create a centerpiece for your tables. Add some evergreen boughs and bright ornaments.

#2 Holiday Card Display

Don't hide those holiday cards that your friends and family mailed. Instead, display these cards in your home. You could pin these to a cork board, arrange them on the refrigerator, or hang these from strings attached to evergreen branches.

#3 Festive Scents

Fill the air in your home with holiday cheer. Candles, bouquets of greenery, cinnamon sticks, fresh gingerbreads-- the options are endless.

#4 Peppermints

Place peppermints inside glass or clear containers and place these bowls at various places in your home, such as the front hall, the desk of the library or office, and the coffee table of the main room for example.

#5 Strings of Lights

While you may not want to haul out all of your strings of light and fill every inch of your home, places a few small strings at various places around your home adds a little holiday sparkle without a lot of clean-up hassle.

(Source: https://www.midwestliving.com/homes/seasonal-decorating/quick-easy-holiday-decor/?slide=f888bfa7-de09-4091-af6b-050913eb08f8#f888bfa7-de09-4091-af6b-050913eb08f8)

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