• Elizabeth Kenney

7 Sanitation Tips For Moving

In the face of this current pandemic, health and safety remain top priority. There are several ways to minimize health risks during your move.

The American Moving & Storage Associations recommends the following tips:

#1 Keep a sink (with soap and disposable hand towels) available throughout your move.

If it is impossible to keep your sink accessible, be sure that ample hand sanitizer is available for you and anyone else involved in the move.

#2 Maintain six feet of distance between yourself and others.

Even if a task takes additional time in order to remain at a distance from others, this precaution is highly recommended.

#3 Limit the amount of people in the house.

In particular, avoid having several people inside a small space at one time.

#4 Wear gloves and a mask.

#5 Before moving you or your stuff in, take time to sanitize your new home.

Be thorough. Wipe and sanitize all surfaces.

#6 Use only new cardboard boxes when packing.

Do not risk using boxes that have already been used, as these could potentially be contaminated.

#7 If you must pack with previously-used containers, use plastic containers and thoroughly sanitize them before placing your things inside.

Our team at MoveEaze will continue to take extensive precautions in an effort to maintain the health and safety of our customers and our employees.

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