• Elizabeth Kenney

A Label For Every Box

Labeling boxes and packages during a move not only keep you organized, but also can keep you safe.

Organization = Efficiency

A move requires keeping track of many processes, schedules, team members, and packages. How do you organize this all? Well, one way to minimize confusion and maximize moving efficency is to label everything.

For starters, creating labels for each of the boxes or packages can be helpful in organizing the packing process. Categorizing each container can provide an easy way to get started on the task of packing up your entire home, which can feel like a daunting task.

And certianly, when you are working with others during the moving process -- such as family members, friends, or professional movers -- labeling each box helps the team to communicate so that everyone knows in which boxes various items should be placed and where in your new home these boxes should be moved to.

How about the unpacking process? Labeling is key in this stage as well. Properly labeled boxes can make your process of unpacking more efficient and less overwhelming.

Labels announce any necessary precautions.

Not all of the items in our homes are bouncy, shatterproof, or soft-edged. We all have fragile, sharp, unexpectedly heavy, or awkwardly shaped items.

Prepare and account for these objects that need special consideration during your move. Not only will this minimize risk of breaking the items, but labeling the packages for these items will also minimize risk of injury to you and others who will be packing, transporting, and unpacking items.

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