• Elizabeth Kenney

A Slip-Free Move in 5 Steps

Spring showers are right around the corner, and if you plan to move during the upcoming season, you’ll want to keep this goal in mind: No slip-ups, literally.

Trust us—You do not want to be nursing an slipping-induced injury, big or small, around the time of your move.

To avoid slipping and falling during your springtime move, check out these tips from Safety Line:

#1 Shoes

Prepare yourself by sporting appropriate footwear. Choose sturdy shoes (such as a pair of tennis shoes) with a solid grip on the bottoms.

Do not wear shoes that lack grip on the bottoms or have shoestrings that become untied easily.

Also, make sure your entire foot is protected, which means no open toe or open heel shoes (i.e. sandals).

#2 Light

If you are moving at night or on a day that happens to be dark and cloudy, equip the space with proper lighting.

Make sure that you and your moving team have clear vision of the surroundings at all times. This becomes extremely important when carrying furniture, boxes, etc. to and fro.

#3 Pathways

All walkways should be clear, accessible, and sizeable.

In addition to removing obvious walking hazards, consider removing rugs from walkways. Rugs not only present a tripping hazard, but also a slipping hazard, especially if the underside lacks proper grip.

#4 Communicate

If you have solicited a team of friends or family to help you move, communicate with one another. For example, rounding a corner quickly and blindly could lead to a collision if the person on the other side does not know you are there.

Develop a plan for the move and make sure everyone knows what is being moved and when.

#5 Delegate

Put your mind at ease and let our team of professionals to execute a swift and slip-free move for you.

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