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Beyond The Boxes: How To Settle Into Your New Home

While we have already discussed how you might help your kids settle into their new home and neighborhood, let’s talk about you. No matter your age, relocating and settling into a new home can often come with both excitement and uncertainty.


Check out these three ways that Moving.com and The Spruce recommend for settling into your new address.

Take A Walk Around The Neighborhood & Say Hello 

Be proactive and introduce yourself to your neighbors. Not only can befriending your neighbors be rewarding personally, doing so will also come in handy when you are in a pinch and need that leaf blower or cup of sugar, or maybe you’d like someone to keep an eye on your home while you are away traveling. Forming a friendly bond with your neighbors will pay off in more ways than one.

To break the ice, you might ask your neighbors for area recommendations (restaurants, home services, fitness centers, etc). Or, if you see your neighbor outside and in need of some assistance, offer to lend a hand.

To go the extra mile, you could host a casual welcome party. With spring upon us and summer on the horizon, a casual outdoor gathering on the patio might be the perfect option.

Especially if you are still finalizing the interior of your new home, an outdoor welcome gathering can provide a setting for you and your neighbors to get to know each other.

Share Your Time

In addition to neighbors, see what else your new community has in store for you. Check out associations and teams that you might be interested in becoming a part of. Volunteering, part-time jobs and extra-curricular groups are just three examples of ways to get involved.

Consider your interests and research activities in your area. When you find something that interests you, reach out and give it a try!

Explore Nearby Spots

Restaurants, nature preserves, fitness centers, religious organizations, and more– See what your new community has to offer you on a daily basis. Figure out what grocery store and pharmacy you prefer. Find the best cup of coffee or tea in town. Get to know the community that is your new home.

Be intentional about settling into your new home. While moving can be exciting, this transitional time can feel scary and overwhelming too. Search out what and who make you happy in this new place, so that you can settle in and make your home the haven you imagined it would become.

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