• Elizabeth Kenney

Brightening Up Your New Space

If you are moving this summer, you might be inspired by the light and airy feel of this time of year. Why not incorporate this bright atmosphere in your home’s décor?

Here are a few easy ways to let in the summer vibes and brighten up your new space:

#1 Light Colors

When it comes to paint color for your walls, choosing a light and neutral hue can brighten any room.

When natural light shines into the room, light and neutral wall colors become illuminated. The light colors can also make a space feel larger than it actually is.

You can extend this lightness in your furniture and décor choices as well. You might still add a few darker-hued pieces, like a statement rug at the center of the room. However, incorporating some light-colored décor into your space can amplify to your desired atmosphere.

#2 Plants

Do you have a green thumb? If so, put it to use by adding a few big, bold plants throughout your home.

There are plenty of other less involved options for adding plants and greenery around your home. In fact, there are even faux options that may just do the trick for your space.

#3 Mirrors

When natural light enters a room and is picked up by a mirror, the mirror actually helps to bounce light to other areas of the room.

#4 Lamps And Creative Lighting

Not all light is “good” light. That is to say that using lamps versus ceiling lights, for example, can add glow and direct the light inside the room in an appealing manner.

On the flip side, oftentimes, a ceiling light in the center of a room can make the room feel closed off.

So, by dispersing lights (via lamps) strategically throughout the room, you can direct the dispersion of light within the room in a way that adds to your desired airy, light atmosphere.

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