• Elizabeth Kenney

Carry-With-Me Items For Moving Day

While most of your stuff will be packed away and transported in boxes on moving day, we all have those items that we need by our sides during a move.

Here’s a few ways make sure you have what you need with you on moving day and that these stay with you throughout the day:

#1 Make a list.

Before your moving day and as you are packing up your home, make a list of the items that you need with you during your moving day.

While we recommend keeping your “carry-on” items as light as possible, be sure that you have what you need so that you can avoid any delays as a result of searching through already packed boxes for those items that you need.

#2 Choose “carry-on” items that you need.

Items that you may need to carry with you on moving day could include:

- Phone and its charger

- Wallet and its contents

- Any forms needed for the move

- Keys (both homes, cars, and any others that may apply in your particular case)

- Door stoppers (for unpacking and transporting)

- Small supply of water bottles and light snacks

- A book or another item in case you (and/or your kids) find yourselves waiting

- A change of clothes (essentials only)

- Cleaning supplies (wipes, disinfectant, etc)

- Hand sanitizer

#3 Organize your “carry-on” items.

Choose a location for these items that is both easily accessible and a container for these items that is not bulky.

On moving day, there is no need to add extra stress or space with these items. So, plan ahead and know where exactly you will place and transport these items.

Got questions about your move? Move Eaze can help! Give us a call today.

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