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Checklist For Packing All The Little Things

We’ve all got small trinkets and gadgets.


In fact many of our things consist of many small, but mightily important pieces. For packing purposes, it’s best to keep these small pieces and their related items packed together. Also, don’t forget to label your packages and boxes.

To be sure that none of these small pieces are forgotten, separated, or lost during your move, make sure you know where all the following are located.


Keys (car, office, storage, etc)

Money, debit/credit cards, and checkbooks

USB Drives, memory cards, etc

Electronics and their chargers

Puzzles and other games

Cosmetics (lipstick, bobby pins, and more)


Eye glasses (and their cases)

Socks and gloves (two per pair!)

Tools, nuts, and bolts (see our post on packing your garage)

Tupperware tops

As you pack your home or office, make note of any small items that could be easily left behind or lost in the shuffle. Take the time to properly pack and label these, so that once you reach your new destination, you find these items are right where you put them.

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