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Cleaning Out Your Closet in 5 Steps

Before a move or really anytime you want remove clutter, at first glance, the task of cleaning out closets may seem daunting. However, when clearing away clutter, remember that the work is worth the reward. And, the task might be easier than you think.

Here’s how to clean out your closet in 5 easy steps: #1 Survey your space and your stuff.

We don’t recommend that you simply dive right in before taking inventory. Know what your are dealing with. Although you will probably uncover some hidden treasures (or trash) along the way, in general when you begin the task, it’s best to know what kind of clutter you are dealing with.

#2 Come up with a game plan.

Now that you know what kinds of items and clutter you will be parsing through and cleaning out, determine how you will proceed.

Ask yourself: What items will I tackle first? Do I plan to sell or donate some items? If so, what is my system for separating items to be donated, sold, and thrown away? What supplies (like trash bags, disinfectant, vacuum, etc.) will I likely need to complete this project? How long do I think it will take me to complete this project?

While it’s impossible to plan for everything, developing a game plan will help you attack the project with efficiency and can even help to minimize stress.

#3 Remove everything for the closet.

Yes, that’s right – If you truly want to clean, purge, and reorganize, it’s necessary to remove all items from your closet. Doing so will ensure that you get all the dust bunnies and clutter out of the nooks and crannies.

Remember, if you have developed a game plan, you should have a time estimate and system in place to make this task manageable.

#4 Separate items.

When removing items from your closet, follow the system from your game plan, so that you separate items as you go. You can separate by donate, sell, and trash, for example.

Keep in mind that you might be on the fence about keeping or getting rid of certain items. It’s okay to take some time to make this decision. You can even create a “maybe” pile as you go and then return to this pile at a later time.

#5 Keep the other areas in your home clutter-free.

You cleaned out your closet - Yay!

Upon completing this task, do not fall into the trap of keeping that clutter in another area of your home.

Since you have already separated into piles what you are keeping and what you are getting rid of, boxing up these items should be fairly straightforward. It’s helpful to do so right away, so as not to clutter other areas of your home.

And remember, Move Eaze offers Junk Removal Services. Give us a call if you have items to trash or donate.

(Reference: Freshome.com)

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