• Elizabeth Kenney

Cleanliness Habits To Keep During A Move

Sanitizing and cleaning during a move is highly recommended. However, this task is often met with considerations that you may not used to in your everyday home maintenance.

Don’t worry, it’s easier than you might think! Here are some ways Master Moving Guide suggests to keep your stuff and your home clean during a move:

#1 Keep sanitation supplies on hand.

While you are likely trying to thin out your things and get rid of the unnecessary stuff as you prepare to move homes, be sure to keep the following items on hand throughout your move:

- Cleaning bucket

- Disinfectant product

- Glass cleaner

- Scrubbing pads

- Apron and gloves for cleaning

- Vacuum cleaner, broom, and dustpan

- Oven cleaner

- Baking soda

- Laundry and trash bags

#2 Look out below.

Whether your floors are covered in carpet, hardwood, or linoleum, take the precautions necessary to keep the material clean during your move.

If you and others will be walking around your carpet with work boots or tennis shoes, protective shoe covers may be in order to prevent stains.

If you will be lifting or sliding large pieces of furniture across your hardwood or linoleum floor, place protective covering over the floors to keep them free of scratches or dents.

#3 Clean. Pack. Clean. Repeat.

Think of packing and cleaning as a two-for-one process. Both of these tasks should be completed in tandem.

How? Pack one room at a time. Clean items before packing them away. Then, clean the room once all items once in it have been fully packed into their boxes.

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