• Elizabeth Kenney

Did Someone Say Delivery?

And no, we are not talking pizza delivery. We are talking about everything else in your personal or professional life that needs transportation.

Whether it’s for retail or residential purposes, moving items from one location to the next is often a challenge.

Want a pro tip? Call in the professionals for safe, efficient, and easy transportation and delivery of your stuff.

If you need any of the following items delivered for one reason or another, let the professionals handle it:

- Furniture (old, new, or somewhere in between)

- Appliances

- Collections and specialty items, such as books, breakables, or something else

- Office equipment (like desktops, screens, electronics, and more)

- Inventory for your business

- Supplies, tools, and machinery

- Storage items

- Junk and/or items to donate

By hiring professional team, you can be assured that the items will be smoothly and swiftly packed and loaded from its current location, and then transported, delivered, and unpacked at its new location.

Our team at Move Eaze can assist with your delivery and transportation needs, retail or residential. Give us a call at 574-289-3293!

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