• Elizabeth Kenney

Discovering Dust During Your Move?

Oftentimes it’s during a move that we tend to discover the dust we never knew was there.

According to Real Simple, here are 5 of the most common areas to collect dust in the home:

#1 Air Vents

Did you know that dust caught in air vents can easily circulate throughout the home? It's best not to let it get that far.

#2 Behind furniture

If a bed frame, couch, or china cabinet is pushed against a wall, these areas can easily trap dust.

#3 Window treatments

If not regularly cleaned, curtains and other window fixtures can also collect layers of dust.

#4 Trash cans

Food particles and other rubbish often fall between the trash can and the liner.

#5 Light fixtures

It can be easy to forget that light bulbs and fixtures need regular dusting too.

If you are moving homes, you may have discovered these 5 areas before reading this list. The good news? Now, you know the areas of your new home which need regular dusting!

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