• Elizabeth Kenney

Doing Some Heavy Lifting?

Even if you are not moving, you may find yourself in need of some heavy lifting assistance.

The Move Eaze team is here to help for any and all heavy lifting services needed, even if this task are unrelated to a move.

Here are some instances that you may need heavy lifting services:

#1 Renovations

Perhaps you will be renovating your home and need to remove large items or furniture into a new location, either temporarily or permanently.

Move Eaze can help with this task.

#2 Storage Unit

Speaking of temporarily or permanently, if you need to move items to or from a storage unit, the Move Eaze team can do so for you. In fact, we even offer storage unit services.

#3 New Furniture

If you are redecorating a room in your home, you may need to remove old furniture and bring in new furniture. Move Eaze can help with this task as well.

Additionally, if you need assistance donating or junking your old furniture or other items, our team can accomplish this task for you.

#4 Switching Furniture Within Your Home

If you need to move a set of bunk beds, a large bookcase, a bulky couch, or another heavy item that is already inside your home, Move Eaze can help with this task as well.

No matter the heavy lifting task, our trained and experienced team at Move Eaze has you covered. We will accomplish the task safely and efficiently.

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