• Elizabeth Kenney

Don’t Forget The Plants!

Maybe you own a few potted plants, or perhaps you've got a sunroom-turned-greenhouse. Either way, if you will be embarking on a new move, here are 3 tips from The Spruce to consider when moving with plants:

#1 Do your research.

Once you know the type of plant you are working with, you can discover what type of climate and conditions are ideal for them to grow, as well as how fragile your plant will be during the moving process.

Though plants are generally fragile, some are sturdier than others and may be able to survive the move with less precautionary measures taken.

#2 Share this knowledge.

Whether you’ve called in the MoveEaze team, or if your friends will be facilitating your move, it’s important that those involved in the move also know how to best care for the plant before, during, and after the move.

#3 Boxes and bags might be just right.

Use a sturdy box and line this with plastic. Place your plant at the center and fill the space between the sides and your potted plant with bubble wrap or some other cushiony object.

For tall plants, use plastic over the top. You may try gently bagging the plant so that it is fully covered on all sides. But, be sure to poke holes in the plastic covering to provide the plants with proper aeration.

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