• Elizabeth Kenney

File That Away During The Move

Not everything is digital. There are plenty of important paper copy documents that should be considered during a move.

And organizing, packing, and transporting these documents, especially important personal or professional documents, does not have to be a frenzy or an intimidating task.

Here are three simple ways to certain sure all of your documents are filed exactly right during your move:

#1 Organizing

Take inventory of your documents. This is also an excellent time to pull out the shredder and get rid of any paperwork that is no longer needed.

As you purge unnecessary paperwork, just remember that some documents should never be shredded, for instance your birth certificate or passport. In fact, setting these important personal and professional documents aside in a specified place for the course of your move is a good idea.

Some important documents might include: birth certificates, passports, medical records, banking documents, legal papers, papers related to the sale of your home, and more.

Knowing exactly where and how you have stored these items will undoubtedly save you both stress and worry.

#2 Packing

To pack these documents during a move, you might consider using a binder. You might use a portable filing unit. Whatever you choose to store your documents in, organizing the documents by type (or by person, if you are packing for multiple people) often works well.

Also, be sure you pack with care, so as to prevent as rips or tears on the document. Keep documents away from any items that has potential to leak or melt. (Trust us, the last thing you want is cleaning products or beverages splashed across your birth certificate).

Regardless of how you choose to pack your documents away, be sure that the container is clearly labeled and that you know where this container of documents is throughout the course of your move.


While some might place their documents inside a portable container, that solid oak filing cabinet may have you questioning whether or not the cabinet is stuck to the floor. Take this into consideration as you decide where to place your most important documents.

Some might prefer to keep their important documents with them in the car, rather than on the moving truck. So, while that portable container should fit nicely in the passenger seat, that solid oak filing cabinet most definitely will not.

Once you arrive at your new home and begin to unpack, this is where that clear label especially comes in handy. Place your container of documents in its new home base.

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