• Elizabeth Kenney

Food Prep And Your Move

It can be helpful to plan out your meals ahead of time for before, during, and immediately after your move. Here are some ideas that you may find useful for your meal prep:

#1 Thin out your pantry.

In the weeks leading up to your move, take inventory of your food stock and, if you can, avoid buying unnecessary food items.

Even if you cannot thin out your pantry completely before your move, consider how easy or difficult your grocery items will be to move and choose accordingly. Here are some tips to help your decision process:

- Purchase small-sized containers that you may be able to finish before your move.

- Choose food items with lids and containers that can easily be re-sealed.

- Perhaps buy additional tupperware containers for packing leftover food items.

- Avoid buying perishable food items that you will not finish before your move.

#2 Keep healthy snacks handy.

Don’t forget to pack along some nourishment for your move! While you certainly don’t need to keep your entire pantry handy, items like nuts, dried fruit, protein bars, and peanut butter crackers are a few fairly healthy snacks you might want to keep nearby throughout your move.

#3 Pack must-have cookware near the top of the box.

After you arrive in your new home and before unpacking all of your cookware, take-out is typically a convenient meal option, but it’s not the only easy option.

You may also choose to keep simple cookware, like a crockpot, within reach during your move. Check out these relatively easy home-cooked meals to prepare in your new home.

#4 Bring along paper/plastic-ware.

To eliminate dishwashing hassle, you may also find it convenient to use paper or plastic-ware around the time of your move.

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