Fragile! Keeping Your Glass Intact During Your Move

Packing and transporting glass and other fragile items requires particular care.

The following tips (from The Spruce) will help you avoid broken glass:

#1 Cushion the box.

If the glass item is fairly small and will be transported inside a box or other container, pack the box with padding on the bottom, sides, and top of the box.

Doing so will provide cushioning to help absorb any instances of impact that may occur during transportation.

#2 Wrap each item separately.

Whether you are packing drinking glasses, decorative figurines, or another compact glass item, be sure that each item is wrapped inside its own protective covering.

Depending on the glass item and the box you choose, you could use bubble wrap, towels, newspaper, or another soft material covering to wrap each individual glass items.

#3 Pack items heavy to light.

Once you have cushioned the bottom of your box and wrapped each glass item individually, it’s time to pack the box. In general, the heaviest items should be packed at the bottom of the box and the lightest items should be packed towards the top of the box.

Also, consider the items you are packing. Depending on the fragility of the glass item, for example, the item may need particular care and perhaps should not be packed among with other items. Always read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions/recommendations for packing each of your items.

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