• Elizabeth Kenney

Halloween Edition: 5 Moving Nightmares To Avoid

With Halloween coming up this week, let’s take a look at some haunting moving mishaps. For your safety, stress-level, and schedule, the following 5 moving nightmares should always be avoided:

(See Clever for pictures/video of these nightmarish moving fails!)

#1 The Oozing Automobile

Small four-door vehicles were not meant to transport couches, mattresses, machinery, boxes, and other bulky items. Be sure the moving vehicle transporting your items is sufficiently sized to fit your stuff.

#2 Terrifying Trailer Trouble

Lest you risk a runaway trailer and any related damages, all the items and the trailer itself must be properly secured.

#3 (Monster) Truck Mash

Whether trying to squeeze a rented truck into a parking spot or down narrow streets, leave the truck driving to trained professionals in order to avoid crashes and clashes.

#4 Bungee Cord Spider Webs

Perhaps you have passed this car on the highway or perhaps you have even driven this car, either way do not use a tangle of bungee cords to secure your stuff. This is both not secure and often risks dangerous outcomes.

#5 Broken Mirrors (And 7 Years Of Bad Luck)

All fragile items should be packaged and handled with care. Trust us—7 years of bad luck is not worth the risk.

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