• Elizabeth Kenney

Helping Your Friend During A Move

So, your friend is moving and you want to help. (After all, what are friends for?)

If you are looking to pitch in during your friend’s move, check out the following ways (from moving.com) that you might be able to give your friend a helping hand:

#1 Offer to babysit or petsit.

Oftentimes during a move, there are times when parents might want or need someone to look after their kids or pets.

Whether they are meeting with their real estate agent, packing up boxes, or just need to take a break, parents will likely appreciate your willingness to babysit or petsit once or twice during their move.

#2 Stop by with extra supplies.

Ever run out of tape, boxes, packing materials, etc during a move? It can be frustrating to have to run over to the store and replenish your stock. So, if your friend is moving, check in with them every once in awhile and offer to stop by with supplies.

#3 And while you are there, help with packing.

Many hands make light work– Ask your friend if an extra set of hands would be useful. Sometimes simply being present during a move can reduce your friend’s stress, knowing that you are there to help should your help be needed.

If your friend takes you up on your offer to help with packing, follow your friend’s lead. However well-intentioned this action might be, do not try to take over the logistics (unless asked, of course).

#4 Bring over a home-cooked meal.

Amidst all the transition during a move, it can be easy to let meal plans slip and many times people resort to takeout. Be a friend and bring them over a meal.

Since your friends may may not have access to silverware, plates, or other items, you might include plasticware. Or, you might even invite your friends over for a meal.

Here are a few recipe ideas that tend to work well during a move.

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