• Elizabeth Kenney

How Many Boxes Will I Need For My Move?

When preparing for your move, one calculation you will need to do is an estimate of how many boxes you will use during your move.

This task can be tricky because no move or collection of "stuff" has exactly the same needs. For this reason, first, take inventory of your stuff to help you determine not only how many boxes you will need, but also, what kind of boxes you will need.

Then, once you have completed your inventory, the guide below can help you determine how many boxes you will need for your move:

- Studio Apartment typically requires 10 to 20 boxes

- One-Bedroom Apartment typically requires 20 to 40 boxes

- Two-Bedroom Apartment typically requires 40 to 60 boxes

- Two Bedroom House typically requires 60 to 80 boxes

- Three Bedroom House typically requires 80 to 100 boxes

- Four Bedroom House typically requires 100 to 120 boxes

- Five+ Bedroom House typically requires 120+ boxes

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