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How To Move A Gym

Moving your home or company gym? Get ready for a workout (but, not if you let Move Eaze handle all the details).

Remember, safety and maintaining proper working condition of your equipment should be your primary goals for this move. For any and all gym equipment, it is important to read the equipment instructions specified in the manual before packing and transporting.

Check out these tips from imove on how to pack and move your gym equipment:

Treadmills and Rowing Machines

While some models of treadmills and rowing machines fold, others do not.

If the treadmill folds, place the folded machine on top of a towel, so that you can slide the folded machine along the floor. Just be sure to wrap and secure the power cord; a zip tie works well for this.

The process is similar with a rowing machine that can be folded.

If the treadmill or rower cannot be folded, you will need at least two people to move the machine. This process is similar to moving an elliptical machine.


The elliptical can either be disassembled or moved as one piece. Read the product instructions to determine which route is the best for your piece of equipment.

If you do choose to disassemble the machine, make sure you keep all pieces organized, so the equipment can be reassembled without hassle.


Thank goodness for the bike… because it’s the easiest piece of gym equipment to move!

Simply place the bike on a towel or felt gliders, so that you can move the bike where it needs to go.

Hand Weights and Small Equipment

While it’s logical to pack the small gym equipment, such as free weights, yoga blocks, straps or bands, and more, in a box or container, take care to not make the box too heavy. Remember, the box will need to be transported.

To avoid packing a box that is too heavy to lift, equally distribute the weight throughout the box and don't be hesitant to use multiple boxes.

Also, if these smaller pieces of equipment are located in multiple boxes, be sure to keep the boxes near each other while the boxes are in transit. Doing so will save you stress in the unpacking process.

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