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How To Organize An Estate Sale Like A Boss

Regardless of your reason for downsizing, U.S. News and World Report offer some helpful tips to navigate the process of organizing and facilitating an estate sale.


#1 Consult An Appraiser

This is key – Even before you decide what items you will keep and what items you will sell, it is helpful to know the approximate numbers you are working with. This can simply your decision-making regarding both what items will be included in the sale and how the sale will be organized.

#2 Rely On Referrals From Trusted Sources

Your lawyer, banker, insurance company, and friends are good places to start. Not only can they recommend an appraiser, but they can also assist in recommending a company to run your estate sale (should you choose this route).


#3 Decide What Will Stay & What Will Go

Now that you know the items you have and their estimated values, it’s time to determine what items you will keep and what items you will put up for sale. This process will likely look different for every person and family. Above all, it’s important to make sure all family members feel comfortable with the items that being sold. 

This can often be a difficult process and depends heavily on whether or not the items owner(s) is present or if you are relying on a will to navigate the process. Working through these difficult decisions with thoughtfulness and clear communication, as well as a common goal of maintaining fairness and respect throughout, will go a long way.

#4 There Are Many Ways To Organize The Actual Sale

Though common, physical yard sales are not the only way to host a sale. Depending on logistics, this option can work well, but may not be the most lucrative of formats. Remember, when people walk into a yard sale, they expect to haggle and get the best price.

As an alternative, you might also consider selling certain items online (via a website such as Amazon or Ebay). For items that may have a niche market, such as a jewelry or historical furniture, look into platforms where these buyers might be. Also, especially if you have a wide variety of items, remember that a hybrid approach of some or all of these methods could work well. 

#5 To DIY Or To Bring In Experts?

If you do plan to host a yard sale, the next step is to determine whether or not you want to organize and run the sale yourself, or if you want to hire a company for this task.

Hiring professionals that specialize in executing estate sales provide efficiency. At the same time, remember the professionals will get a portion of your profit. So, determine what is most important to you – efficiency or maximum profit. 

Our Move Eaze team wishes you success on your estate sale. Know that we are here to assist. We offer a variety of services to simplify this process for you and your family, including.




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