• Elizabeth Kenney

How To Organize My Electronics For A Move

In today’s world, we all have gadgets and electronics for not only the home office, but for most other areas of our homes. When moving, here are a few ways to organize your electronics:

Take inventory.

For any move, having a good planand the proper materials can make a significant difference in achieving an easy and effective move. How can you set the plan without knowing what items need to be moved? Creating an inventory list of your electronics, for example, will greatly assist you when it comes to packing, handling, and unpacking.

Note the fragile items.

As you take inventory, make note of the fragile items. In many cases, electronics are fragile and come with a number of small pieces. So, it will be necessary to know the items that will need extra securing during the moving process.

Pack with care and organization.

If you saved the original packaging for your electronics, using this is an excellent way to prevent damage. If not, here a few ideas:

- Wrap electronics with linen or clean paper to prevent dust and damage.

- Enhance protection of your devices with additional padding (such as moving pads, sheets, or light blankets).

- If you are storing your items in a unit, store valuable items out of view, behind other items to minimize risk of theft.

In terms of organization, pack in the way that will work best for you once you unpack. Perhaps you package your electronics according to room, or especially if you are moving offices, you might package according to the type of electronics (i.e. all laptops stored together, etc.).

Pack with the Item with its charger

Don’t underestimate the power of cohesion: Pack electronic devices with their corresponding chargers. Doing so can save you a great deal of hassle. The same goes for remotes, USB devices, and all other electronic accessories– Keep these items packed with their related devices.

Also, to prevent damage and keep the cords organized, try neatly wrapping each of your chargers before packaging. A twist tie often works well here.

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