• Elizabeth Kenney

How To Preserve Furniture In Storage

Will you be storing your furniture or other items? Here are 4 ways to help you preserve your belongings while they are in storage:

#1 Choose a temperature controlled unit.

Changes in temperature can damage certain items. Therefore, temperature-controlled units enable you to keep your items in exactly the temperature needed in order for them to stay in mint condition.

#2 Use furniture covers.

Not only does using furniture covers preserve the fabric or other material, but it also keep them clean and free of debris. Also, use covers design specifically for furniture and avoid using generic plastic bags to do so, as these tend to increase moisture, which can in turn damage the furniture.

#3 Consider the shape and weight of your items.

When arranging furniture in your storage space, consider the shape and weight of your items. For example, if you must stack items on one another, in general place heavier items on the bottom.

#4 Mark fragile items.

Depending on how long your items are stored away or if several people will be moving items in and out of the storage space, tagging your items can be extremely helpful. In the case fragile items, tagging these will minimize the chance of these objects being mishandled and potentially broken as a result.

(Source: https://www.strongmove.co.uk/blog/storing-furniture-tips/)

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