• Elizabeth Kenney

I'm Between Houses: What Do I Do With My Stuff?

Perhaps you sold your home and still have yet to find your new home sweet home or maybe your current home is undergoing renovations. Regardless of the reasons, if you find yourself between homes for a temporary amount of time, here are a few ideas for storing your stuff:

#1 Storage Unit

Placing your furniture and/or other items in a storage unit for a temporary amount of time may work well.

Climate-controlled units are available and in various sizes, as well as for varying lengths of time. We can help you choose the type of unit that fits your needs.

#2 Donate, Sell, or Junk

Don't really have that much stuff or looking to get rid of your furniture? Why not donate, sell or junk your stuff? MoveEaze can help with the heaving lifting in any of these situations.

#3 Temporary Accommodations

Depending on how long you plan to be in the temporary space you may consider moving your stuff into the temporary accommodation spot you have selected. For example, you may be staying with family and friends or perhaps renting an Airbnb or short-term apartment lease.

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