• Elizabeth Kenney

Customer Q/A: Moving During COVID-19

Wondering what a move is like during this current health crisis? Here is what one of our customers said about her recent move:

How was your move affected by COVID-19?

“I decided to postpone my move by approximately two weeks due to the spread of the virus.”

In light of the virus, what health and safety measures did the MoveEaze team take throughout your move?

“MoveEaze was very cognizant of maintaining safety standards. When helping me with my move, they wore gloves and masks and fastened the doors open so that they would not need to touch the door knobs as much.”

How was your overall experience as a MoveEaze customer?

“Excellent. The management team and moving team were very helpful and professional.”

What recommendations or tips might you offer to others who plan to move during this current pandemic?

“Hiring a South Bend-based moving company with an excellent reputation put me at “eaze” - Best logistical decision I made during the move.”

Thank you to our customers. We are proud to work with you.

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