• Elizabeth Kenney

Is The Box Too Heavy, Too Light, Or Just Right?

Have you ever filled a box with many small items, only to realize that the box is now too heavy for you to lift? It happens. But, it does not have to.

For example, this issue can easily occur with kitchen items and book titles – The items all seem small and manageable to carry as you are putting them inside the box, but all together… yikes! The box becomes too heavy to lift and carry.

Here are a couple ways to avoid this common problem:

#1 Go in with a plan.

Before you begin simply throwing items in boxes, take some time to plan. Be strategic and know exactly what items are going where during your move.

#2 Choose small boxes.

By using small boxes, instead of large boxes, the weight of the various small items will be more manageable to carry.

If you must use larger boxes, remain conscious of the box’s total weight. Therefore, instead of filling the entire large box with semi-heavy small items, pack part of the box with less weighty items, such as clothes.

#3 Call in the professionals.

Leave the packaging management, transportation, and unpacking to the professionals. Our team at Move Eaze provides excellent packing and other moving services to each of our customer’s exact needs.

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