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Keep Calm And Move On

Whether you are moving apartments, family homes, or offices, without the proper organization, this can feel overwhelming. Check out four ways that HGTV and Real Simple suggest to keep your move organized, so you can feel calm from start to finish.


#1 Centralize Your Plan Of Action

No matter how “big” your move is, creating a binder to organize the move can be extremely helpful. Inside the binder, you can include a variety of sections depending on the needs of your move. Some might include: checklists, utilities, receipts, contractors (such as your moving and building teams), and schedules (for appointments and deadlines). Keeping a binder such as this will provide you with a central spot where you know your documents and other vital pieces of information are while you find yourself scattered across homes/offices and storages spaces.

#2 Get Rid Of The Unnecessary

There is nothing like packing, transporting, and then unpacking something that you end up getting rid of as soon as you reach your new address. Starting about one or two months prior to your move, begin to get rid of (pitch, recycle, sell, or donate) the things you do not need to move to your new address.

#3 Speaking Of Getting Rid Of, Let’s Talk About Perishables

Plan ahead and begin to thin out your perishables, so that you are not stuck with a carton of eggs and a full jug of milk on the night before your move. Similarly, try to use up any cleaning supplies or other bottled items, so that you can start fresh at your new address. Doing so can help to eliminate “things” that need to be packed, transported, and then unpacked.

#4 Let Others Know Where You Will Be

Don’t forget to send your change of address to the appropriate contacts. Be sure that you go to the post office and complete an official change of address, so as to avoid any mail being lost. Equally important, be sure to let your bank, the publications you subscribe to, your insurance provider, your credit card company, and human resources at your office know what your new address will be. Also, don’t forget to tell your friends and family, so they’re holiday cards and other pieces of snail mail reach you!

Whenever you embark on a move, organization is key. With proactive organization, you can face any unforeseen hiccups with more calm.

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