• Elizabeth Kenney

Keeping Your Furniture Free Of Heat And Humidity Damage

Moving this summer? Make sure to safeguard your furniture from the heat and humidity.

As the temperature increases and with humidity fluctuations, your furniture and artwork can suffer damages if not properly cared for during your move.

Here are some damages to furniture and artwork that can occur with heat and humidity:

- Surface distortions

- Chipping or Flaking

- Faded coloring

- Condensation build-up

Before your move, take an inventory of your temperature-sensitive items. Be sure that you have a plan to ensure that all of these items are properly cared for at every stage of the move.

Consider, for example, how long the items will be on the moving vehicle, if the items will need to be placed in storage, and how long (if at all) the items will need to sit outdoors or in a garage. These are just a few considerations and your move will likely have specific considerations, depending on your items, plans, and more.

Generally speaking, you will want to try to keep the temperature as consistent as possible, knowing of course, that it will be impossible to avoid some slight fluctuations in temperature during a move.

It’s also important to read the manufacturer’s instructions in your furniture manual. Doing so will help you prepare for the needs of your furniture and avoid any damages.

(Source: https://www.furnituregalore.com.au/how-does-hot-weather-affect-your-furniture/)

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