• Elizabeth Kenney

Make Way For The Move

For a save, efficient, and successful move, it’s important to take a look around… and down! Before your move, make a plan for the floors and walkways.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to the flooring and ground area during your move:

Prepare your floors.

Whether its carpet, hardwood, or linoleum, your floors need to be considered during the move. If not properly cared for, the floors can be damaged with all the coming and going. Angie’s List suggests several precautionary measures for your floors:

To prevent carpets from fraying, snagging, staining, or some other form of damage, use self-adhesive carpet film. This lays flat and sticks to your carpet, similar to plastic wrap over food.

For carpet, as well as other floor surfaces, that may see a lot of foot traffic during your move, place cardboard over these areas. However, be sure to lay down the cardboard flat and securely, so you and your moving team do not trip or slip.

Placing protective devices on your shoes also works well. You might consider purchasing cheap, disposable shoe booties that can be used throughout your move.

Clear a path.

Let’s get back to that note about preventing tripping or slipping. Make sure nothing is in your path before moving boxes and other items in and out of your home.

Create a clear path from the unloading spot to the object’s landing place. Also, communicate with the others on your moving team. Plan ahead to prevent tripping, slipping, and collisions.

No matter how quickly you want the job to be finished, remember that safety should always be your priority.

That path goes for outside too.

Move any and all tricycles, tennis balls, lawn gnomes, rakes, and other items out of the way.

And the elements!

Snow, ice, even brush or leaves, can be major safety hazards.

Our team at MoveEaze is dedicated and equipped to deliver a safe, efficient, and successful move for you and your family. Call us today!

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